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Shop opened 2016

I draw, hand-letter and hand stitch custom embroidery designs

In my Etsy shop, PseudoSarahLetters, I create custom, hand stitched embroidery pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind and usually contain some sort of profanity (: I love to stitch 30 Rock or The Office quotes, but by far my favorite pieces to make are the custom commissions that y’all come up with! I have created more than 300 pieces and am looking forward to making many more.

“This was a gift for my sister, and Sarah executed it perfectly. She took inspiration from many different blurry photos of my sister’s wiggly pets and made an adorable portrait of them all. My sister LOVES it, and she thinks Sarah captured their personalities perfectly.” – Tessa

“This is AMAZING! Sarah was super accommodating and let me make requests on the design, which she layered into the final product. I love the colors and the craftsmanship is really well-done. This is going to look great in my bathroom and will mean lots of different things all at once. I love this piece! (She works fast, too!)” – Catherine