Digital Art

Digital Illustration

Started 2020

digital Art

I create custom digital portraits, prints and cards

I began creating digital portraits to supplement my Etsy shop – hand embroidery takes a long time to complete – and it wasn’t long before I grew to love painting with my computer. As of right now, I create all of my digital art on my Macbook Pro – my trackpad and I are best friends. Maybe someday I’ll bite the bullet and buy myself an iPad and an Apple Pencil… maybe…

I have made holiday cards, pet portraits, and custom prints, as well as an obscene amount of content for my design Instagram – Check me out over there and or peruse my art below (:

During 2020, I took my digital illustrations one step further and started turning them into stickers. This is the first sticker I ever created. I ended up selling over 200 of them, but, of course, I kept two for myself (: Once I got the hang of sticker art, I truly couldn’t stop. I turned a lot of my designs into stickers with the help of one of my favorite small businesses – Sticker Ninja. I’ve also worked in collaboration with other creators/small businesses to make stickers for their respective brands.

Here is a selection of the digital creations I’ve shared on my art Instagram – @sarahn.designs I like to art people that inspire me, shows that live rent free in my head, and sassy quotes that express my frustration.. or um… feelings.