Cared For

Identity, UX/UI, Print, and
Packaging Design

Completed 2020

Cared For

Cared For is a re-imagining of the David’s Bridal brand with the goal of making it a more universal and accessible brand and service. I redefined the target market beyond brides to expand the reach and scope of the company. David’s Bridal marketed only to the modern bride, while Cared For is relevant to and for all kinds of people looking for tools, services and events to help them better themselves all while building connection with a broader, like-minded community of people.

I chose to combine flowing, hand drawn elements with more structured sans serif lettering to make the branding feel inviting and casual. I utilized warm colors to create a cozy and comforting tone that feels inviting, while still professional. The overall feel I wanted to create was a welcoming and structured atmosphere where people can feel supported and cared for.

The Cared For site is designed to be an interactive space where people can engage with one another, participate in online events, and shop subscriptions.