Lean On

Identity, Event, Print & Digital Design

Completed 2020

Lean on

For this project I was tasked with creating a company that ties in with my passion of mental health awareness. I chose to create the brand Lean On: an online community for those seeking mental health resources, to share stories about and personal journeys with mental illness, and attend events wherein professionals, advocates and others in the mental health world could come together to share their experiences, advice, and resources with one another.

I chose to use a more neutral color pallet so as to appeal to anyone seeking community and mental health resources. I used triangular shaped graphic elements because the triangle is a sturdy shape, and I wanted this community to symbolize strength and in fact provide strength to those who joined. I used candid photography with a range of ages to keep the tone inclusive and friendly. Overall I wanted the brand to feel comforting and safe.

Each poster was designed, redesigned, and refined many times over the course of the project to ensure they worked individually and as a set.