Digital & UX/UI Design

Completed 2019


For this project, I was asked to create a website and app for a brand. I chose to build out a digital experience for my own small business: PseudoSarah Letters. The goal of the website was to help define my brand and provide a one-stop-shop experience in which viewers could peruse, save and buy my work, as well as learn about the story behind and the origin of PseudoSarah Letters.

As I was designing a site and app for my own small business, I chose to pull colors from my art and my social media feed to build out my visual system. I pulled the deep green as a nod to the many houseplants I feature in product photos as well as the art itself. I utilized my own hand lettering throughout the website and app designs, and paired that with a round, sans serif font that echoed the playfulness of my own type. I wanted the design to feel friendly and bright.